When darkness seems to win
When the world is crumbling
When all I feel is doubt
When I can’t figure it out

Where are you now?
Where are you now?

Then I hear You say
Look up child
Look up…
I hear You calling my name
Oh, I hear You say
Look up child

You are the water
When I am a wasteland
You are the river
When I am a desert
You are the fire
When I am the winter

What have I done to deserve love like this?




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Children cry in hunger
As parents strive for food;
Still their hearts are unfed.
So many lives are empty,
So many walk alone.
Reaching out for something
They cannot seem to find.

This is my command:
Take your brother’s hand
And love him as I have first loved you.
Let the warmth of your embrace
Give him strength to run the race.

Broken people wonder:
“O God, where can You be?”
Share my heart with those who weep
And bring them back to me.
May your love’s work be the evidence of grace.


Leo bought a new house a week ago. He was looking for an attractive painting to decorate his drawing room. He went to a carnival to end his search. There, he found a shop full of antique items and paintings. Leo’s eyes were rolling in search of a masterpiece. Finally he saw a painting on which his eyes glued to. It was a painting of a small goblin, sitting on a chair with a pipe. He paid the price and brought the painting to his house.

At night…

Leo was sleeping in his room but was awakened by giggling sounds. He came downstairs to check. In the drawing room where he hung the painting, he found that the goblin in the painting wasn’t there. It was strange.

He heard the giggling sound again… This time… from upstairs. When he entered his room he found nothing.

“Hi Hi Hi”, the sound came again. And this time from behind. It was the goblin. Leo was shocked. The creature pushed him to the floor. The goblin took the alarm clock and broke it on Leo’s head. Leo wasn’t expecting this attack and fainted.


When he regained his consciousness, he found that the goblin from the painting was standing in front of him—

“You… cannot be real?”

“I am real! I’ve been trapped in this painting for centuries.”

“Who trapped y…you?”

“The Goblin king… it was a punishment. A curse! And there is only a way to get rid of this life,” said the goblin.


“I have to kill a human, and possess his body.”

Goblin jumped onto Leo to kill him. Leo kicked him in the face and ran towards the kitchen. He took a knife and at the same moment, the goblin jumped on him. The goblin was stabbed in the chest. Goblin held Leo’s hand and told him , “the one who kills a goblin will become a goblin too”. Later, the goblin died. Leo didn’t believe him and burned his body.

Weeks later… He noticed that green hairs had been grown on his body.


Leo’s house had been sold. A new family came to live in the house. The painting had been sold as well. The painting was in an antique shop. Leo was there but this time he’s inside the painting. He had become a goblin.



[When Leo was unconscious, the goblin replaced his soul with Leo’s and he’s wandering now in Leo’s body. And Leo had been trapped in the painting.]


The stage was set with flowers, candles, music, wine and of course, his loved one. They were celebrating an anniversary together after 5 years.

“You won’t believe how every pore of my being has longed to be with you.”, she whispered softly in his ears.

“Sure, I do, sweetheart…” His reply was interrupted with the bang on the door.

The cops had been following her tracks for long. Unbelievably, he turned out to be the informer.


I believe in light
I believe if light exists there will be dark
I believe in good
I believe if good exists there will be evil
I believe in kindness
I believe if kindness exists there will be cruelty
I believe in generosity
I believe if generosity exists there will be greed
I believe in love
I believe if love exists there will be hate
I believe in hope
I believe if hope exists there will be despair
I believe in courage
I believe if courage exists there must be fear
I believe in You
I believe if You exist there must be a place where You do not
And I don’t ever want to find that place!


Over and over we have touched
Every created thing on this earth.
Some moments –
As gentle as goose down.
Other times we shriek
As if we have a score to settle.
But we do not.
We have no evil intent.

Often we lull you
To sleep with our breeze,
Yet we will occasionally
Awaken you
In the middle of the night
As we rattle the house
With the icy blasts of winter.

We are calm,
We are wild,
We are part of your life.
Embrace us, for we embrace you.

We are THE WIND.





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It was peaceful when her grandpa died. He went in his sleep, in the bedroom beside hers. She was the only grandchild in the family and he was her only grandparent. He lived with them at her parent’s house. He was getting frail but it was still a shock.

As she stood for the school that morning, she remembered her grandpa behind her, resting his hand over her shoulder, waiting to see her off.

When she sat down for Science, she couldn’t concentrate. She looked at the teacher, his voice leaving his mouth a set of muffled tones. Her lips shivered and she felt a hand on her shoulder. She smiled and thought of grandpa. The hand tapped her a few more times until she jumped out of her confusion and turned.

It was Luke and he handed her a note with a smile, which she grabbed. She turned back, her face beaming.

Her hands jittered as she pealed back the paper.

“Hi Bella, can you ask the man standing behind you to move as I cannot see the board. xx”