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Fear in my heart, and cold in my soul,
On unsteady feet I stand up to you
To hear the decision of the jury.
Tears in my eyes, dry throat,
I take the responsibility of your broken heart,
I must take my punishment.
You’re the victim here;
I cannot linger on what I feel.
I can’t dwell on my pain seeing you suffer,
You are the only one for me.
I stumbled, I tripped,
But I’m still where I’m meant to be.
I realized when you looked at me,
The damage I’ve done is vast.
No matter how much I plead on my knees,
I’m sorry won’t cut it this time.
But “I am sorry”,
I think about your pain.
The sorrow in your voice is breaking me down.
This is not about me.
I patiently wait for your choice.
Knowing I’m not worth it,
Praying you still love me.
I won’t give up on us;
I stand here looking for
Your verdict!



Gloria! In Excelsis Gloria!
Gloria! In Excelsis Gloria!
Gloria! In Excelsis Gloria!
O, hear the angels singing Gloria!

In the night of quiet slumber
Came the sound of heaven’s chorus
Shepherds quaked by the sight
Star is shining brilliant bright!

Peace on earth
Goodwill to men
Hail the birth of
God’s own son
Sing Gloria!

O, hear the angels as they say
Unto you a child is born
In a manger He will lay
In Bethlehem on this morn

Peace on earth
Goodwill to men
Hail the birth of
God’s own son
Sing Gloria!

 Shepherds run to Bethlehem
To see the infant meek and lowly
At the manger hearts unfold
Praising God for He is able!

Gloria! In Excelsis Gloria!
Gloria! In Excelsis Gloria!
Gloria! In Excelsis Gloria!
O, hear the angels singing Gloria!
Gloria! Gloria! Sing Gloria!


You hold the precious key
To the failure or success
To the downfall of uplifting
To the liabilities or assets
To the limited goals or continuous progress
Time is so precious
And the days so few
God has blessed us one by one
So strive for excellence
Till the job is done
Your mind will be peaceful
If and when you realize that
You hold the key!



His hands held on to

Her fingerprints on

The window

That separated them

Left him longing for

A moment to hold

And while he watched

Her back turn to his

He defeated the

Sense of holding back

And with his fingers

He wrote the words

In the dust

On the window.


He whispered

“Look back and see”

I love you!



Sometimes we feel that everything in our lives has come to a halt; that things might not be moving in the direction we thought they would and hence we are not sure of where to move to. Life is a balancing game. We must keep balance so that one thing does not overthrow another. And keeping the balance is really hard. In order to keep balance, sometimes all we need to do is to keep moving.

When it feels like we are not on the right track, just remember to keep moving. It does not matter where we are moving to as long as we do not stop. Eventually, things will start rolling again, and with a little bit of trust in the existence, we will see that things will start to come back around for us.

After all, we cannot get the things we want if we are not moving towards them. So just keep the head up, eyes on the road, with our goals in mind, and no matter how rocky the road is, we will eventually get there.


It’s difficult to experience existence without tumbling down now and again. We usually experience many of the little ones – the staggers – sometimes even on a daily or weekly basis. Be that as it may, from time to time we fall hard, as well. When we are amidst it all, it might appear to be sad and hopeless and too difficult to get through what’s happening to us. In any case, ask ourselves this: how frequently have we so far tumbled down and been able to get back up again?

The truth of the matter is: we are great at this. What’s more is that we learn so much from a fall. When we tumble down we see our life and the world through different eyes, with a different aspect. And that is the reason, when fallen, we realize who we truly are and where we stand – with the goal that in the long run, when we get back up, we will know precisely where to go or what to do next.

So don’t give up. Surrender to the way that things are what they are, and that they won’t remain the same until the end of time. The universe and we are in consistent development, steady extension and growth. Gain from every viewpoint and circumstance of our life and we will know a wealthier life for it.


In the middle of the night
When silence falls
I am wide awake
I look up to the sky
I hear Your song
Singing over me

No sea deeper
No hill higher
There’s nothing louder
Than Your symphony
No river wider
No mountain higher
There’s nothing louder
Than Your symphony

In the valley of my soul
When I am lost
You still my soul
With Your melody
I see Your love
Chasing after me