A unique vow,
Explicitly intended to be binding
Until death separates us.
More than a contract that can be
Broken by paying damages.

The words
“For better, for worse;
For richer, for poorer;
In sickness and in health”
Take into consideration
The probability that
It will not be easy to keep.
Marriage is hard at best;
Disagreements and
Difficult adjustments abound.
A binding oblation
To love, honour,
And cherish one another
For as long as we shall live
Because God has asked us to do so.

“For better, for worse,” we pledge,
Through sickness and through conflict;
We’ll keep these vows for life
By the help and grace of God.


Empty roads everywhere
But no long drives.

Pure air outside
But mandatory masks.

With clean hands
But no handshakes.

Crazy cook inside
But can’t call to dine.

Have time to sit together
But online get-togethers.

The heart longs for the office
But the weekend doesn’t end.

Enough time on hand
But can’t fulfill dreams.

The culprit all around
But can’t be seen.

A world full of irony!


Love is patient, love is kind.
Love we all need.
Made for each and every person.

Storge, Philia, Eros and Agape.

Storge is familial love.
Often dutiful,
Sometimes unfeeling,
Very strong nonetheless.
Sacrificial, comfort and not superficial.

Philia is brotherly love.
Embodies culture and beliefs.
A strong bond between people,
Who share a common interest.
Warm, giving and never mean.

Eros is romantic love.
The passional kind.
Makes you lose your mind,
When you find the right person.
Physical, carnal and erotic.

Agape is unconditional love.
The strongest of all.
Puts the beloved first.
A love of supreme greatness.
Everlasting, sensational and divine.

Love comes in all forms.
Respect storge,
Cultivate philia,
Enjoy eros,
And act with agape.


Be still, and know that I am God (Psalms 46:10a NJKV)

GOD answers
GOD blesses
GOD cares
GOD defends
GOD forgives
GOD heals
GOD helps
GOD loves
GOD provides
GOD redeems
GOD responds
GOD saves
GOD sees
GOD speaks
GOD supports
GOD teaches and
GOD watches over us.

Be still and honour GOD.

The Hebrew verb, “raphah” is translated to ‘be still’ or ‘stop striving’. This Hebrew word means to slacken off, to leave alone, to become weak and even to fail. We see that God is saying ‘relax, be weak, stop’ so that you can have some time out to recover, rest and repair.


Jesus is Hope…
Every promise of God is fulfilled in Him!

Jesus is Joy…
In Him dwells all of God’s fullness.

Jesus is Peace…
All authority has been given to Him.

Jesus is Love…
He gave Himself without reservation.

Jesus is Rest…
He carries burdens and leads the way.

The greatest giver
Gave the greatest gift,
At the greatest price,
For the greatest reason –
Because of love.



The heart, eyes and mind need “masks” too… for everything that is a rumour, lies and negative thoughts…

Worried about #covid19? You’re not alone. The anxiety is for real.

The pandemic is becoming scary but yeah, you can prevent it by trying your best. Countries are on lockdown, in grief, scared, terrified, confused and what not.

Prevention is better than cure. Imagine the pain of every healthcare worker – they’re devastated and tired, but they’re not giving up!

Follow the government’s guidelines and stay by them.

Consult a doctor if you’ve symptoms. Don’t panic!



After having his lunch, Jade walked out of the restaurant down the street, looked as he went to cross the street.

No cars were in his sight. He walked onto the road, reached into his pocket, grabbed a cigarette and lighter, went to light his cigarette, but dropped the lighter.

He stopped, leaned down to pick up the lighter. From out of nowhere, a car screeched and knocked him hard.

He was lying on the concrete, dead.

“Smoking Kills!”