On the other day when I was listening to the song, “Wake me up” by Avicci, and this line attracted me.

Back when we were still kids, doing chores were our game in life, and toys/chocolates were the prize. As time passes by, we develop by age and figure out how to see more about the society; Hardship, Pain, Hypocrisy, Appreciation, and above all, LOVE.

When you think about it, life appears to be insane. That is to say, you’re naturally introduced to this weird world. Then you grow up with family, companions, heartbreaks, and crazy feelings flying all around. As you’re growing older, new and more difficult obstacles emerge. It’s a test! You’re being tested to see how much you can handle before breaking. Human beings are created so firmly that they can persevere through an incredible amount. Whether you’re religious or not, everything happens for a reason.

Life as a game, is something fun and that can be played, delighted in and won. Love, be it love for someone else, love for one self, love of life, etc is one of the prizes. It’s very apt to view love as a prize, because that’s how it feels when you have it. But at the same time it shouldn’t be viewed as only a few can share in the prize, or that there aren’t enough prizes for everyone that’s playing.

Life really is made for everyone, and we each can experience love if we’re willing to let it in. Love as a prize can be romantic love or it can be the love you feel for your family, friends or your pet. It’s that specific feeling that’s the reason we’re all here in the first place, and you don’t have to earn it or compete for it, you can feel it right now if you decide to.

Love colours the path and story of our life. The differences between a pile of white paper and a vivid origami papers is that the colorful ones are more intriguing. By making it as an abstract in life, life is great when we’re shaded with experiences.

Cheers to life!



      1. You have to be happy with yourself, with your life. You have to be full of Happiness. Only when you are happy with yourself you can find love to share the happiness.
        Love doesn’t bring you happiness. It makes you happier.

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