Image result for High school students passing notes in class

It was peaceful when her grandpa died. He went in his sleep, in the bedroom beside hers. She was the only grandchild in the family and he was her only grandparent. He lived with them at her parent’s house. He was getting frail but it was still a shock.

As she stood for the school that morning, she remembered her grandpa behind her, resting his hand over her shoulder, waiting to see her off.

When she sat down for Science, she couldn’t concentrate. She looked at the teacher, his voice leaving his mouth a set of muffled tones. Her lips shivered and she felt a hand on her shoulder. She smiled and thought of grandpa. The hand tapped her a few more times until she jumped out of her confusion and turned.

It was Luke and he handed her a note with a smile, which she grabbed. She turned back, her face beaming.

Her hands jittered as she pealed back the paper.

“Hi Bella, can you ask the man standing behind you to move as I cannot see the board. xx”

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