Leo bought a new house a week ago. He was looking for an attractive painting to decorate his drawing room. He went to a carnival to end his search. There, he found a shop full of antique items and paintings. Leo’s eyes were rolling in search of a masterpiece. Finally he saw a painting on which his eyes glued to. It was a painting of a small goblin, sitting on a chair with a pipe. He paid the price and brought the painting to his house.

At night…

Leo was sleeping in his room but was awakened by giggling sounds. He came downstairs to check. In the drawing room where he hung the painting, he found that the goblin in the painting wasn’t there. It was strange.

He heard the giggling sound again… This time… from upstairs. When he entered his room he found nothing.

“Hi Hi Hi”, the sound came again. And this time from behind. It was the goblin. Leo was shocked. The creature pushed him to the floor. The goblin took the alarm clock and broke it on Leo’s head. Leo wasn’t expecting this attack and fainted.


When he regained his consciousness, he found that the goblin from the painting was standing in front of him—

“You… cannot be real?”

“I am real! I’ve been trapped in this painting for centuries.”

“Who trapped y…you?”

“The Goblin king… it was a punishment. A curse! And there is only a way to get rid of this life,” said the goblin.


“I have to kill a human, and possess his body.”

Goblin jumped onto Leo to kill him. Leo kicked him in the face and ran towards the kitchen. He took a knife and at the same moment, the goblin jumped on him. The goblin was stabbed in the chest. Goblin held Leo’s hand and told him , “the one who kills a goblin will become a goblin too”. Later, the goblin died. Leo didn’t believe him and burned his body.

Weeks later… He noticed that green hairs had been grown on his body.


Leo’s house had been sold. A new family came to live in the house. The painting had been sold as well. The painting was in an antique shop. Leo was there but this time he’s inside the painting. He had become a goblin.



[When Leo was unconscious, the goblin replaced his soul with Leo’s and he’s wandering now in Leo’s body. And Leo had been trapped in the painting.]



The stage was set with flowers, candles, music, wine and of course, his loved one. They were celebrating an anniversary together after 5 years.

“You won’t believe how every pore of my being has longed to be with you.”, she whispered softly in his ears.

“Sure, I do, sweetheart…” His reply was interrupted with the bang on the door.

The cops had been following her tracks for long. Unbelievably, he turned out to be the informer.


Image result for High school students passing notes in class

It was peaceful when her grandpa died. He went in his sleep, in the bedroom beside hers. She was the only grandchild in the family and he was her only grandparent. He lived with them at her parent’s house. He was getting frail but it was still a shock.

As she stood for the school that morning, she remembered her grandpa behind her, resting his hand over her shoulder, waiting to see her off.

When she sat down for Science, she couldn’t concentrate. She looked at the teacher, his voice leaving his mouth a set of muffled tones. Her lips shivered and she felt a hand on her shoulder. She smiled and thought of grandpa. The hand tapped her a few more times until she jumped out of her confusion and turned.

It was Luke and he handed her a note with a smile, which she grabbed. She turned back, her face beaming.

Her hands jittered as she pealed back the paper.

“Hi Bella, can you ask the man standing behind you to move as I cannot see the board. xx”

2:16 a.m.

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When he opened his eyes, the first things Williamson saw, were the dead body and the bloody knife on the floor.  He approached the window in the darkened room, seeing the blazing lights strobe the walls.

An ambulance, followed by two patrol cars neared the house. He ran down the stairs and reached for the front door. The paramedics charged in.

“Hurry, please do something,” he yelled, as the men grazed past him and onto the second floor.

They checked the body for signs of life, holding the wrist, looking for a beat.  “Time of death, 2:16 a.m.”

“No, please!” he cried.

They lifted the body into the dark plastic bag and zipped it up.

“Please! It’s not too late.”  They didn’t hear him.

He observed as his body was taken out of the room. He sat on the bed, and gazed at the flashing lights that brightened the walls, seeing them fade away, leaving him in the silence of the empty house.


She came from school. It was a Tuesday.  She called out “Mom, are you here?” No answer. She called out again and still no answer. Then she remembered that her mom told her  she would be late today.

She went into the kitchen to get some juice. When she reached the fridge to open it, she heard a whisper saying Rachel… close… them…

She screamed and looked behind. The only thing she saw was the lights turning off then on by itself.

Then she heard another whisper. But that one was louder…

She ran upstairs as fast as she could. But her loose socks made her slip. She fell down but she got up fast and ran till she could reach behind the bedroom door. She closed the door.

But at the same time, the doorbell rang. She was scared… too scared to go back downstairs.

But she still did. She opened the door and saw her mom. She hugged her tight. Her mom asked her what had happened. She explained her mom the whole story. But her mom’s answer was “Dear… that was only your imagination.” But she said that she had heard a whisper. At that moment, she saw on her mom’s eyes that she was worried. So she just told her to forget about it.

While having dinner, she heard the same whisper. She shivered because behind her mom was a man. She remembered his face. He is the one who… who… never mind!

She did not mind instead she continued eating. When she finished her dinner, she went upstairs to sleep knowing that she had school the next day.

Around 2 am, she woke up. She saw the same man she saw earlier. But this time, he was lying next to her. Then he whispered something that she could not hear.

Then he just got up. Then behind her, she heard a whisper. “Close your eyes”. Then the man just disappeared. She turned around and saw her dad. He lifted his hand and touching her hair saying… “Close your eyes.” She heard footsteps outside. She tried to get up but she could not.

She woke up in the morning and she felt dizzy. Her mom was crying sitting on a chair. She was saying “I knew it.” She took a knife out of the stand and put it on her throat. She gently started sliding it until her head dropped. Rachel tried to scream for help but something strange happened. She woke up and saw that all of that was a nightmare!