As a child, many of us hated broken crayons. For a few, it was like death! We couldn’t stand to even look at the crayon. 😀

The same with people. People push people, who have troubles, away. We outcast them and make them seem inferior.

Being broken does not mean that we are useless. Break a crayon and it becomes perfect for sharing with another person. Being broken means that we have the capacity to color the world more beautifully than a rainbow. We must not see our broken life as pointless. Quite the contrary, in fact. Every broken piece of our life is a part of what makes each of us beautiful and meaningful.

The ugly things in life can be used to make something much better than you had before! Stop hiding your brokenness.  Somebody needs it. Your brokenness is useful! Use those pieces to help someone else, to make something new, and to live a life that is even more spectacular than what you originally had planned. Broken pieces still color.

Let’s color this world in our own special ways because we’re broken. 😉


maxresdefaultLife isn’t always sunshine, rainbows and smiles. More often it can be unjust and unfair. A lot of people in general have this sense of entitlement. We all understand that good things happen with hard work, but at the same time we expect things to fall in our lap.

We expect things to just happen. We hear about guys, who are wildly rich at a young age, and we expect the same kind of thing to fall in our laps someday. We expect to be spontaneously treated with respect or given promotions. We expect our hard work to pay off quickly and without a hitch. We get delirious expecting all of these, and then are crushed when life isn’t perfect. That’s just life, it’s a part of what helps us grow up, and shapes the kind of person we’re going to be.

Life can deal blow after blow and isn’t always satisfied with just knocking one down. It will knock every one of us down, we’ll have times when everything feels hopeless and we even want to crawl into a corner and wave a white flag at life saying, seriously.. enough already.

The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows – that’s the truth. It’s an amazing place filled with amazing people, and great opportunity – but never think that we don’t have to work for it. We have to stand up for ourselves, even if we are standing alone. Rid the people in life who have no place in future, shed the negativity and realize, that life can deal us blow after blow, but we can fight back. We get knocked down again and again, we get back up.

Above all in life we must be true to ourselves. If there is something in life we cannot put our hearts and souls into, then take it out completely. Accept everything. Life may knock us down, it may bloody our noses and break our hearts. But those can be slowly put back together, again and again till we get it right.

The journey of life each day, begins with a single step.


Hear my prayer, O Lord;
Listen to my plea!
Answer me because
You are faithful and righteous.

I give my hands to do Your work
I give them willingly.
I give my feet to go Your way
I shall take cheerfully.
I give my eyes to see the world
In just the way You do.
I give my tongue to speak Your words
To spread Your mighty name.

Here I am before You,
Falling in love, seeking Your truth
You’re the only one,
That brings me to my knees.

I give my mind in every way
That You may think in me.
I give my spirit to You
That You may pray in me.
I give You my heart
That You may love in me.
I give You my whole self
That You may grow in me.

So it is You, Lord
Who live and work
And pray in me.


62654_1461074160850107_4253597395693921497_nA few days ago, she had read a quote of Michelangelo. The sculptor had answered the question of how he had sculpted his masterpiece by saying that he hadn’t anything at all. He had only chipped stone to discover the sculpture inside.

This explained her why certain pieces of music had such power. They weren’t created. They had always been there, waiting to be played. Music is just science – waves, frequencies and vibrations; a relationship of numbers described by sound. It isn’t created, but only needs to be found.

Thinking of this, she sat down at her desk with a sheet of a high quality paper – a smooth finish and high opacity, believing that there were beautiful words inside, waiting to come out…



It is not easy for a loving parent to discipline a child, but it is obligatory. The greatest responsibility that God gives parents is the nurture and counselling of their children. Lack of discipline puts love of parents in question, because it shows a lack of concern for the development of their children’s character. Disciplining children turns aside long-range disaster. Without correction, children grow up with no clear understanding of right and wrong and with little direction to their lives.

Don’t be afraid to discipline your children. Such discipline is an expression of “love” instead of “hatred”. Why? Because parents who allow their children to misbehave at will, do not love them enough to teach them right and wrong. Thus, a lack of discipline is the opposite of love, which is obviously hatred. The godly parent should be heard saying, “I love you enough to teach you right from wrong, so I need to discipline you now.” Children actually appreciate “security” of discipline in that they want Mom and Dad to show them the boundaries they can live within. Remember, however, that your efforts cannot make your children wise; they can only encourage your children to seek God’s wisdom above all else!