Created from dust
To give our best
For His glory
With life’s story.
He came down
Lived among us
Took our shame
On the cross.
Called us friends
To enter His kingdom;
No longer a slave
Saved by the blood.
Until that day
Love conquers all;
Will shout an anthem
Singing Holy, Holy!




440388FD12A0D1743613E326DAB5C346You’re the source of my being
I can’t live without You!

I don’t understand the reason for
This dark valley I walk through;
I can’t perceive now what You’re doing
All I know is I can’t make it without You.

It was Your love that sought me,
Your blood that bought me;
An awesome price You paid,
Wondrous grace that brought me to the fold.

On Your arms I am leaning
Lord, I can’t live without You!


On Calvary, my Lord was crucified,
Upon the cross, He bled for me,   
‘Twas love that placed Him there, 
To take away my sins, and set me free.

O dark Calvary!
Where Christ shed His blood for me:
O blessed Calvary!
There my Saviour died for me.

On your behalf, help me speak,
Thy words for the world to hear,
O Lord, help me speak of You –
Of Your love, without fear.

O dark Calvary!
Where Christ showed His love for me:
O blessed Calvary!                           
There my Redeemer set me free.



O God I was born a sinner
Body and soul full of iniquity;
For the wages of sin is death,
Cleanse mine with Thy blood.

I then realize my works never save me
Knelt down and prayed before the Cross;
Remembered suddenly the God’s word,
“Believe in Lord Jesus and you’ll be saved.”

‘For God so loved the world so much
That He gave His one and only son;
So whoever believeth in Jesus Christ,
Will have the eternal life’ as none gives.

I accede Christ as my Saviour,
For there is salvation in no one else!
And God has given no other name
Under which I will be saved.