The other day I was reading a quote, ‘Your life is made of two dates and a dash. Make the most of the dash’. And it got my attention!

Life is a struggle, neither comfortable nor safe; always moving a second towards death. No one will understand our journeys. We’re here to live our lives and not to make everyone understand.

We’re born and we die. What we do in the dash either echoes in eternity or will be forgotten the moment we die.

What we build, what we love,
What we’ve lived for,
And what we’re willing to die for!

Never settle for less than what we’re capable of, and regret in the end.

Unless we step out of the comfort zone; unless we step ourselves up for failure, we’ll never live life the way it’s meant to be lived.
We’ve one life. One chance.

Make the most of the dash and make it count!



Someone you can hang out with,
Have fun with and depend on.
Someone always there,
To provide comfort and security
In your hour of need.

Someone who fills you with merriment,
Adds joy to your life
Someone to share your happiness and sorrows.
A stormproof shelter,
A helping hand to overcome challenges.

Someone who’s specialĀ 
And so close in thought.
Someone who loves
When everyone else has let you down.

A friend… is what you are to me.