The other day I was reading a quote, ‘Your life is made of two dates and a dash. Make the most of the dash’. And it got my attention!

Life is a struggle, neither comfortable nor safe; always moving a second towards death. No one will understand our journeys. We’re here to live our lives and not to make everyone understand.

We’re born and we die. What we do in the dash either echoes in eternity or will be forgotten the moment we die.

What we build, what we love,
What we’ve lived for,
And what we’re willing to die for!

Never settle for less than what we’re capable of, and regret in the end.

Unless we step out of the comfort zone; unless we step ourselves up for failure, we’ll never live life the way it’s meant to be lived.
We’ve one life. One chance.

Make the most of the dash and make it count!



A long time ago, one dark night
A star in the East shining bright
Shepherds sitting out on a hill
Watching their sheep lying still
The wise men began to ride on their camels
Didn’t know how far and wide
Followed the star to a stall
There found the greatest gift of all

Over the years things have changed
We have lost the real meaning
Of Christmas and one special night
Amidst the lights, glitter and golden ribbons,
We forget about the child, born on a night so cold.
Instead of celebrating his birth
And praising his presence in the earth
We’ve turned this day into a fairy tale.

God loved His own
And provided a way—the only Way
For us to spend eternity with Him
Gave His one and only Son
To take our punishment for our sins.
He paid the price in full,
And we are free from condemnation
when we accept that free gift of love.

The true meaning of Christmas is
The celebration of this incredible act of love.
For this is the only reason that
We should celebrate this day,
To become focused on anything else,
Would take the meaning away.
Merry Christmas,don’t mean the same
if it ain’t in Jesus’ name.