A unique vow,
Explicitly intended to be binding
Until death separates us.
More than a contract that can be
Broken by paying damages.

The words
“For better, for worse;
For richer, for poorer;
In sickness and in health”
Take into consideration
The probability that
It will not be easy to keep.
Marriage is hard at best;
Disagreements and
Difficult adjustments abound.
A binding oblation
To love, honour,
And cherish one another
For as long as we shall live
Because God has asked us to do so.

“For better, for worse,” we pledge,
Through sickness and through conflict;
We’ll keep these vows for life
By the help and grace of God.



Yesterday I came across the verse, “Keep yourselves in the love of God,” (Jude 1:21) and I wondered, “How do I keep myself in God’s love?”

God’s love is constant and unchanging. Nothing can remove us from His love. What does this command mean then?

God directed my thoughts to the relationship between a husband and a wife. The husband loves the wife more than anyone on the earth, and she feels secure and safe with him. However, there are times, when they have misunderstandings, and her feeling of security quickly changes to insecurity. When this happens, she puts up a wall. She withdraws from his love rather than keeping herself in his love. The wall she puts up, prevents her from experiencing his love.

In the same way, we at times, try to take ourselves out of God’s love. He orchestrates situations in our lives to teach us divine truths. Sometimes these situations are very painful, and we begin to doubt the truth regarding His love. We put up a wall. His love for us hasn’t changed, but we don’t experience it.

For example, when fighting cancer, it racks our body with pain and rubs our emotions raw, it’s not easy to focus on God’s love for us. At such times, we may wonder if God even loves us at all! If He loves us so much, why doesn’t He say the word and remove our pain and heal our jangled emotions?

The characteristics of God’s power and authority appears large and His love seems small – like the smallest letters on an eyesight-testing chart.

Despite the toxic hate that surrounds us, we should master a mindset that keeps us experiencing His love. God did not have to circumstantially “prove” His love. We should learn how to tune into the loving whispers of God deep in our spirits. We should not let anything steal our sensing of God’s love, a love which is incredibly abundant.

There will be times when we wouldn’t understand God’s ways, but that does not mean His words are not true. These times only reveal our limited understandings of His ways.

Our walls toward God must come down and we should experience the warmth of His love.


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Children cry in hunger
As parents strive for food;
Still their hearts are unfed.
So many lives are empty,
So many walk alone.
Reaching out for something
They cannot seem to find.

This is my command:
Take your brother’s hand
And love him as I have first loved you.
Let the warmth of your embrace
Give him strength to run the race.

Broken people wonder:
“O God, where can You be?”
Share my heart with those who weep
And bring them back to me.
May your love’s work be the evidence of grace.


Over and over we have touched
Every created thing on this earth.
Some moments –
As gentle as goose down.
Other times we shriek
As if we have a score to settle.
But we do not.
We have no evil intent.

Often we lull you
To sleep with our breeze,
Yet we will occasionally
Awaken you
In the middle of the night
As we rattle the house
With the icy blasts of winter.

We are calm,
We are wild,
We are part of your life.
Embrace us, for we embrace you.

We are THE WIND.




2:16 a.m.

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When he opened his eyes, the first things Williamson saw, were the dead body and the bloody knife on the floor.  He approached the window in the darkened room, seeing the blazing lights strobe the walls.

An ambulance, followed by two patrol cars neared the house. He ran down the stairs and reached for the front door. The paramedics charged in.

“Hurry, please do something,” he yelled, as the men grazed past him and onto the second floor.

They checked the body for signs of life, holding the wrist, looking for a beat.  “Time of death, 2:16 a.m.”

“No, please!” he cried.

They lifted the body into the dark plastic bag and zipped it up.

“Please! It’s not too late.”  They didn’t hear him.

He observed as his body was taken out of the room. He sat on the bed, and gazed at the flashing lights that brightened the walls, seeing them fade away, leaving him in the silence of the empty house.


Being old school is sometimes much more joyful than doing the latest things in the current period. Grandparents dropping the kids to school, taking them back home, playing with them are the things missed by the present generation. Fresh air rushing through your face when you are laughing and still having a little fear of falling down from the bicycle, but you still want to do it again and again; gives you more joy than anything.

Today when I was heading back from work, I saw a little boy from his school; perhaps he was in kindergarten I guess. His grandfather was taking him back from school in a bicycle. The traffic was moderate and they were comfortably going in the area of cars and buses. The reaction on the little boy’s face was very innocent and he was looking to his grandfather as he was happily cycling back.

The relationship between the little boy and grandfather shows the reality of life. Similarity of a little boy is the starting point of life and grandfather shows the end point of life. Both the phases are stated to be pure and innocent, more generous and humble to understand the purity of life.


Sometimes we feel that everything in our lives has come to a halt; that things might not be moving in the direction we thought they would and hence we are not sure of where to move to. Life is a balancing game. We must keep balance so that one thing does not overthrow another. And keeping the balance is really hard. In order to keep balance, sometimes all we need to do is to keep moving.

When it feels like we are not on the right track, just remember to keep moving. It does not matter where we are moving to as long as we do not stop. Eventually, things will start rolling again, and with a little bit of trust in the existence, we will see that things will start to come back around for us.

After all, we cannot get the things we want if we are not moving towards them. So just keep the head up, eyes on the road, with our goals in mind, and no matter how rocky the road is, we will eventually get there.


It’s difficult to experience existence without tumbling down now and again. We usually experience many of the little ones – the staggers – sometimes even on a daily or weekly basis. Be that as it may, from time to time we fall hard, as well. When we are amidst it all, it might appear to be sad and hopeless and too difficult to get through what’s happening to us. In any case, ask ourselves this: how frequently have we so far tumbled down and been able to get back up again?

The truth of the matter is: we are great at this. What’s more is that we learn so much from a fall. When we tumble down we see our life and the world through different eyes, with a different aspect. And that is the reason, when fallen, we realize who we truly are and where we stand – with the goal that in the long run, when we get back up, we will know precisely where to go or what to do next.

So don’t give up. Surrender to the way that things are what they are, and that they won’t remain the same until the end of time. The universe and we are in consistent development, steady extension and growth. Gain from every viewpoint and circumstance of our life and we will know a wealthier life for it.


Have you ever wished your life could be like a movie? The soft music in the background. Intense, when appropriate. Scripted words for each situation. Conflicts solved in under 2 hours. A fairy tale ending!

But life isn’t like that. It’s messy. We don’t have perfect reply. In fact there is nothing called as ‘happily ever after’. Movies and books make us want something that doesn’t exist.

Seize those moments that take our breath away. Those where soft music would be apt in the background. The ones we cherish in our hearts forever. Put those in special memory box inside. We all have one. But it has storage limit. Use it wisely 😉

It’s a simple choice. To hold on to bad memories or good. You can’t have both because bad will consume you and drown the good.

Cherish the moments and put them in your memory box. Don’t cover the space with bad memories for there will be no room for the good.

Take time to enjoy the sunset on the way or dance in the rain. Embrace each moment for life has no Ctrl+z!