They’ve only been together since he turned 25 but he could swear even a day with her feels like a forever. When they went for their first date, she told him that she was obsessed with rain, hot chai and love. 4 more dates later, they had hot chai from the same cup. 45 years later, they’re madly in love.

It’s very similar to what listening to your favorite song for the ‘n’th time feels like; you know all of the lyrics but there are surprises.  Once she wrote a letter (addressed “to bae”) while they lived in the same house. She posted it and waited for it to come back.  Throughout the letter, she spoke about him as if he was her favorite chai and her favorite season.

He tries to think of a time when they weren’t together but he never can. That makes him very glad. He knows he lived 25 years without her but every time he thinks of some childhood memory, she’s always there in the frame; hiding behind curtains. It’s because he’s told her the story so many times that it no longer is only his.

Together, they have lived 140 years’ worth of memories.  That sounds amazing!

He’s 70 and his forever can end any day. But they’re madly in love and it’s magical!