The first relationship a son will ever have is with his mother. A well-bonded child does better emotionally, behaviorally, academically and demonstrates resistance to peer pressure.

A mother teaches emotional intelligence to her son, which ultimately ensures that he can not only understand his own feelings, but also can be compassionate to others. This opens a space to teach him the power of intimacy, which ultimately leads to happiness in all relationships.

A son in late adolescence needs emotional support from his mother. He needs that hug and kiss on his cheek, that restores him, no matter what’s going on in his life.

Behind every successful man, there is a controlling mother. By constant communication with him, she promotes his emotional intelligence. Because of this, he has better friendships and close relationships, which help him have a happy life.

Salute to all the mothers. And Happy Mother’s Day!



The first person,
I get along with,
Holding her hand

A source of love,
Trust, sympathy,
Forgiveness and mercy

The greatest disciplinarian,
A teacher of love
And compassion

The bank, where
All my hurts, worries and
Sorrows are deposited

The truest friend,
I have when all trials
Fall upon me

No matter what
She asked me to do,
Or not to do

She had my
Best interest
In her mind

She wasn’t trying
To keep me
From having fun

She was trying
To protect me
From being hurt