The stage was set with flowers, candles, music, wine and of course, his loved one. They were celebrating an anniversary together after 5 years.

“You won’t believe how every pore of my being has longed to be with you.”, she whispered softly in his ears.

“Sure, I do, sweetheart…” His reply was interrupted with the bang on the door.

The cops had been following her tracks for long. Unbelievably, he turned out to be the informer.



In the middle of the night
When silence falls
I am wide awake
I look up to the sky
I hear Your song
Singing over me

No sea deeper
No hill higher
There’s nothing louder
Than Your symphony
No river wider
No mountain higher
There’s nothing louder
Than Your symphony

In the valley of my soul
When I am lost
You still my soul
With Your melody
I see Your love
Chasing after me


Have you ever wished your life could be like a movie? The soft music in the background. Intense, when appropriate. Scripted words for each situation. Conflicts solved in under 2 hours. A fairy tale ending!

But life isn’t like that. It’s messy. We don’t have perfect reply. In fact there is nothing called as ‘happily ever after’. Movies and books make us want something that doesn’t exist.

Seize those moments that take our breath away. Those where soft music would be apt in the background. The ones we cherish in our hearts forever. Put those in special memory box inside. We all have one. But it has storage limit. Use it wisely 😉

It’s a simple choice. To hold on to bad memories or good. You can’t have both because bad will consume you and drown the good.

Cherish the moments and put them in your memory box. Don’t cover the space with bad memories for there will be no room for the good.

Take time to enjoy the sunset on the way or dance in the rain. Embrace each moment for life has no Ctrl+z!


62654_1461074160850107_4253597395693921497_nA few days ago, she had read a quote of Michelangelo. The sculptor had answered the question of how he had sculpted his masterpiece by saying that he hadn’t anything at all. He had only chipped stone to discover the sculpture inside.

This explained her why certain pieces of music had such power. They weren’t created. They had always been there, waiting to be played. Music is just science – waves, frequencies and vibrations; a relationship of numbers described by sound. It isn’t created, but only needs to be found.

Thinking of this, she sat down at her desk with a sheet of a high quality paper – a smooth finish and high opacity, believing that there were beautiful words inside, waiting to come out…