She came from school. It was a Tuesday.  She called out “Mom, are you here?” No answer. She called out again and still no answer. Then she remembered that her mom told her  she would be late today.

She went into the kitchen to get some juice. When she reached the fridge to open it, she heard a whisper saying Rachel… close… them…

She screamed and looked behind. The only thing she saw was the lights turning off then on by itself.

Then she heard another whisper. But that one was louder…

She ran upstairs as fast as she could. But her loose socks made her slip. She fell down but she got up fast and ran till she could reach behind the bedroom door. She closed the door.

But at the same time, the doorbell rang. She was scared… too scared to go back downstairs.

But she still did. She opened the door and saw her mom. She hugged her tight. Her mom asked her what had happened. She explained her mom the whole story. But her mom’s answer was “Dear… that was only your imagination.” But she said that she had heard a whisper. At that moment, she saw on her mom’s eyes that she was worried. So she just told her to forget about it.

While having dinner, she heard the same whisper. She shivered because behind her mom was a man. She remembered his face. He is the one who… who… never mind!

She did not mind instead she continued eating. When she finished her dinner, she went upstairs to sleep knowing that she had school the next day.

Around 2 am, she woke up. She saw the same man she saw earlier. But this time, he was lying next to her. Then he whispered something that she could not hear.

Then he just got up. Then behind her, she heard a whisper. “Close your eyes”. Then the man just disappeared. She turned around and saw her dad. He lifted his hand and touching her hair saying… “Close your eyes.” She heard footsteps outside. She tried to get up but she could not.

She woke up in the morning and she felt dizzy. Her mom was crying sitting on a chair. She was saying “I knew it.” She took a knife out of the stand and put it on her throat. She gently started sliding it until her head dropped. Rachel tried to scream for help but something strange happened. She woke up and saw that all of that was a nightmare!